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Car Donation Tax Benefit

Do you love this time of year? On top of the parties, amazing food and a crispness in the air, everyone is so generous. Including you!

Whether it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas or the 4th of July, there’s one thing you need all year round: tax writeoffs!snowman How would you like to give a bump to your bottom line while showing your generosity to a beloved charity?! You can do that when you donate a car for a tax writeoff!

Why should I donate my car instead of selling it?

Have you been drooling over the newest models at the dealer? You could probably use a 4G LTE in-car Wi-Fi system. Or have you seen that safety feature in the Lexus LS and Volvo SUV where it takes over steering to avoid collisions? Mind-blowing!

There are electric car charging stations everywhere. If you’re going green for your commute or need a kid-friendly car, you don’t want to miss this opportunity—and time is running out! A vehicle donation for a tax writeoff does double duty. You can get a boon to your bottom line while benefiting your favorite cause.

A dealer trade-in only gets you 30-40% of your car’s value, and the same goes for CarMax. But when you donate your car for a tax benefit through Best Car Donation Company, it’s a true gift to everyone involved.

Sure—this time of year can be stressful—shopping, holiday cards, crowds—so what better way to shear a little of the stress by donating a car to charity. Are you in Charity League or another service organization? Or do you just love animals?

Maybe your friends had a son or daughter at Children’s Hospital and you saw the amazing treatment they had. A car charity donation is a way to support a 501(c)(3) by doing something other than writing a check.

This time of year especially, you’re aware of everything you’re grateful for. Why don’t you share it with a charity car donation to cancer research or to your place of worship?

How can I donate a car to charity?

You get the whole thing in motion with one phone call—or just donate online. A call to 8881250-4490 lasts about 3-5 minutes and we get to work. We pick up your car—whenever and wherever is convenient for you—and the process begins.hanukkah

Once we pick it up, our experts look over your car for any necessary repairs or improvements to maximize the return you get. After that, we sell it and we give you the paperwork for your car charity tax benefit, and your charity gets a check.

You see, it’s very simple. But you want to do it soon if you want it on this year’s taxes!

Do you need help finding a non-profit to benefit? For a car donation through Best Car Donation Company, any non-profit can receive your generous gift. We’re happy to partner with a favorite of yours. If you can’t think of one, you can consult our “Causes” page for ideas.

Dreading the DMV? The paperwork can be exhausting (just what you need this time of year). Don’t worry—we’ve got this!

After we sell your auto donation we send you, the charity and the IRS the requisite Form 1098 for your records. You receive a confirmation letter and a temporary donation receipt, while we take care of the title transfer. Donating a car for tax purposes is that easy!

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction?

It’s like a Christmas bonus!

A vehicle donation tax writeoff puts more dollars into your pocket, while your favorite cause gets a Christmas gift too. Do the math and you’ll thank yourself.

Sure, you can clean out closets and drop off clothes you don’t wear or pans you no longer use to the Salvation Army. Imagine how much better your charitable contributions on your 1040 look when you make a car or truck donation for tax purposes!celebration christmas christmas balls 250177

By donating a car to charity you’re getting a new vehicle and saving money.

Auto donations through us at Best Car Donation Company have an advantage. The improvements we make to your car as part of our process tend to raise the selling price by 25-50% based on our research. It brings more money to your charity and a better tax break for you!

The sale price matters, too, because the “Donor’s Guide to Car Donations” put out by the IRS says the most you can deduct on your income tax is the “fair market value.” That’s why those changes we make are such a great benefit to you and your cause.

Whether you use Turbo Tax or visit your friendly neighborhood CPA, you’re making a great choice!

Can I donate an RV to for taxes? A golf cart or boat?

Another thing we tend to do this time of year is clean things out (for new Christmas “toys”). Do you have a vehicle taking up space? You can donate a motorcycle for a tax writeoff, just like a car.

Any sort of recreational vehicle donation can accomplish the same thing. If you never get out to the lake anymore, make a boat donation for a tax writeoff!gifts

If you live on a golf course or one of those gated communities where you and your neighbors ride around in carts, how are your batteries? When those vehicles die they’re expensive to replace! Donate a golf cart for a tax benefit when you feel like upgrading.

This is the time of year for searching your heart. Donating cars to charity means contributing to a cause you care about—kids, cancer patients, education. A car donation tax writeoff through us at Best Car Donation Company ensures that you have a skilled team of experts to walk you through it. It’s a way to bring joy to the world and yourself too!

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