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Car donation in Los Feliz, California

Are you bored with your car and feel like getting something a little more upscale? Or did you and your partner decide you need something bigger for the kids?

How would you like to drive something you can get excited about, while experiencing something rewarding in the process? Imagine the great feeling you’d get if you donate a car in Los Feliz and put money in the pocket of your favorite charity!bigstock Children holding thank you heart purple

Why donate your car in Los Feliz instead of selling it?

You’re grateful every day—doing what you love for a living, plus having a great neighborhood to come home to. But you know it isn’t that good for everyone in the city. Now you can do something about it!

When you donate a car to charity in Los Feliz, your vehicle becomes something more than a down payment on your next set of wheels. It becomes a vehicle—literally—for an individual to get the help they need, whether it’s a woman enduring a breast cancer diagnosis or a family having enough to eat.

If you normally do a dealer trade-in, you may want to make auto donations your “new normal.”
Did you know you get to write off 100% of the sale price of your car — unlike the 30-40% of your vehicle’s value, which is what you get from CarMax or the dealer?

You may have already contacted JEM Motor Corp. on Sunset to see if they have something exotic. Great!
It still leaves you with the car you no longer need, which we can help you turn into comfort for your fellow man, woman or child. Not only that, when you donate a vehicle in Los Feliz through Best Car Donation Company, you score too — with a nice tax break.Car in driveway

Getting into something greener probably isn’t a new idea. Have you seen all the EV charging stations near you? There’s one in the Hollywood/Highland parking garage and at Prospect Studios. It’s a great time for an electric car.

Feel like ditching your Tahoe for a Tesla?

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What happens when I donate my car in Los Feliz?

Now that you can see how much good karma you can sow with an auto donation, you’ll be even more amazed at the simplicity of the process when you learn how to donate a car to charity in Los Feliz through Best Car Donation Company. It merely requires a phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or a donation online.puzzle your mission your cause

We take it from there. We send our towing experts to wherever your car is—your house, your company, etc. We pick it up when it’s convenient for you (usually a 24-hour service is available). There’s no burden for you—we sell it for you and handle all the paperwork, even from the DMV.

But wait—there’s one more incentive. A car donation tax deduction in Los Feliz through Best Car Donation Company maximizes your contribution more than the efforts of many other car charity programs. Because our technicians make necessary improvements to your vehicle, we tend to sell your car for 25-50% more money, which makes your tax write-off larger and brings more support to the charity you choose.

Everything’s transparent and by the book. We send both you and the non-profit organization the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Who do you want to help? It’s your choice! Are you one of the many who’ve been touched by the pain of cancer? Your charity car donation in Los Feliz can support such causes as the Cancer Control Society or City of Hope.

What about keeping the money local and donating a car in Los Feliz to the Autry Museum or the L.A. Zoo?

Can I donate a golf cart or motorcycle in Los Feliz? Do you accept RV and motorhome donations?

Of course you can! It’s the same process. Is TRIco one of your favorite stores? If you’re looking for a new bike, don’t forget that a motorcycle donation in Los Feliz can make you and a 501(c)(3) very happy.

Do you putter around the 3-par at Los Feliz or ride your EZ-Go through Griffith Park? If you’ve been looking at that Ashton Club Car and are considering a change, consider a golf cart donation in Los Feliz to let your old wheels be a vessel for good.

Do you own a boat? Maybe you’ve got something docked in Marina del Rey, but just don’t have time to get out there. You can make a boat donation in Los Feliz, which is the same process as any other donating vehicle.

Are you wasting money on a storage unit? If you’ve got vehicles in there, let us know and we can turn it into cash for a cause. We pick up quads—ATVs of all kinds—even jet skis or a Sea Doo.8.Fish 9 in bowl one jumping into empty bowl

You may not have thought about the other winner here. There’s someone out there who needs a reliable car to get to and from work, so they’ll be thrilled with your old car. A car donation in Los Feliz through Best Car Donation Company can bring the two of you together. We can take the load off of you to do something meaningful with your vehicle, while blessing someone else with a ride, and making it go even farther by facilitating your donation to charity.

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