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Car donation in San Luis Obispo, California

There’s nothing like strapping the surfboard on top of the Subie or the Volkswagen and catching early morning waves. But if you’re never quite sure your car will make it to the sand, that’s another story.beach ocean and birds flying

Is your car getting old, just limping along like you do after a major wipeout? It may be time to look for something newer – and there’s more than one good reason to consider it. You can donate a car in San Luis Obispo and offer support to a good cause while taking a bump on your taxes.

Why should I donate my car in San Luis Obispo instead of selling it?

Whether you feel more at home in the water or on the road, your car is extremely important. And if you commute to work it’s even more important. Have you gotten to know the guys at the auto shop a little too well? U.S. News & World Report came out with an article saying that sometimes it’s cost prohibitive to hang onto a car with a mounting repair schedule.

Is your car your “mobile office”? If so, you’re likely needing the most current Bluetooth technology plus updated GPS mapping. Between interfacing with clients and hauling the kids to sports practices, you probably replace your car fairly frequently.

But do you dread the whole idea of finding a buyer and selling it yourself? For good reason! It’s tough to do on an individual basis, but we’ve been in this industry for decades. And we do everything for you. So, you can feel the luxury of new leather seats very soon if you do a car charity donation in San Luis Obispo through Best Car Donations Company.People Holding support

Whatever you do, don’t just drive it in to Cole so you can pick out a new car. Studies show that when you bring in a trade-in, they just hike up the price of the new car, because they assume you don’t care about the price tag!

What you may not know is it’s just as effortless to make a charity car donation in San Luis Obispo through Best Car Donations Company.

And don’t forget to put your money where your heart is – any 501(c)(3) can benefit.

If education is a huge priority for you, direct proceeds to the 24th District PTA or the Foundation at Cal Poly.

Let us know if you need ideas.

Can I donate an RV in San Luis Obispo? What about a boat or a motorcycle?

Yes, yes and yes! At Best Car Donations Company we’ve pretty likely processed a recreational vehicle donation in San Luis Obispo much like yours. Do you have a fifth wheel like a Prowler, or a travel trailer like a Coachmen?

Did you launch your boat at Port San Luis every summer for years, but don’t get there much anymore? You can donate a boat in San Luis Obispo through Best Car Donations Company and the process is the same as an auto donation.

Do you love the Central Coast Classic and finally found the time to get your own bike? If you’re retiring from your travels, make a motorcycle donation in San Luis Obispo. The value of your hog can give some needed support to animals, kids, music programs – whatever you’d like!feet out window sneakers

Did you retire up at the Central Coast and settled in a 55-plus community? If you drive a cart around the neighborhood, but need something bigger, or smaller, or more luxurious, you can donate a golf cart in San Luis Obispo and also get a tax break.

What are donors saying?

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How can I donate a car to charity in San Luis Obispo, California?

It starts with a five-minute phone call (888-250-4490) or an online donation. Then your part is practically over! We send our experts to tow away your donation car, and If you feel like you’re flying blind with an auto donation, never fear! We walk you through it all.

We’ve really streamlined the process at Best Car Donations Company, so it’s pretty much no hassle for you. tax money growth plants

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in San Luis Obispo?

A report by the United States General Accounting Office to the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Finance said that tax deductions from vehicle donations were claimed on about three-quarters of a million tax returns, which lowered taxpayers’ tax liability by approximately $654 million. 

Do people tell you you’re great with a budget? Did your sorority alum group always make you treasurer? Well, the advantage of a car, truck or SUV donation in San Luis Obispo is hard to miss. Other than getting out your checkbook, or cleaning out a closet with a big load for Salvation Army, it’s a way to put money into a charity you care about.

The process at Best Car Donations Company has that added boost – we don’t just pick up your car (wherever and whenever is convenient for you). We also assess car donations for any necessary upgrades or repairs. And we’ve found that the value of our vehicle donations typically goes up about 25-50% after the changes.tax calculator

Do you want to get a second opinion? Visit the site of this Orange County CPA firm to hear what tax professionals say.

We don’t stop at taking the car off your hands. We follow everything required by the IRS for donations. We sell your car, then we report the final price to you and your charity. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

But more than a nice tax write-off, you’re getting what you may call the prospect of good karma – positive actions returning to you for your generosity. And there’s no easier way to obtain that than when you donate a car in San Luis Obispo through Best Car Donations Company.

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