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Car donation in Toluca Lake, California

Why should I donate my car in Toluca Lake instead of selling it?

Though it feels like yesterday you slid into the leather seats and got behind the wheel of your beautiful car, your commute has finally racked up more miles than you care to mention. Or perhaps your car is getting up in years and is still in perfect condition, but you’re just “jonesing” for the smell of a new car again.

Whatever the reason, if you donate your car in Toluca Lake, you’re in a position to support your favorite charity, while giving your accountant a reason to rejoice.Car in driveway

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Wrap your head around this: Not only is downsizing to a hybrid or an electric car a great effort, you can double down on your environmental responsibility by donating a vehicle. It’s the ultimate opportunity to repurpose your car and give it a new life.

Are you a member of PTA or Charity League? Or are you active in Toluca Baseball? Did you know that the car you no longer need can meet the needs of someone else through any 501(c)(3)? You tell us who you’d like the proceeds to benefit and that’s who gets the check after the sale of your car!

How do I donate my car in Toluca Lake?

You phone it in – quite literally!

Seriously, after a 3-5 minute phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or when you donate online, your part of the operation is pretty much done. We come to tow away your auto donation at the time and place that’s most convenient for you, which typically takes place within 24-48 hours.Girl Scouts hands on world

Some car charity programs make you deliver your vehicle to their donation sites. Not with Best Car Donation Company! We come to where you are, (or rather, where your car is).

Next, our expert technicians assess your car to see if there are changes to prepare the vehicle for sale. We then find a buyer and your car becomes transportation for a new driver!

If you’re like most people and dread the DMV paperwork part ... guess what? We handle it all, including the title transfer.

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Toluca Lake?

You’re doing more than just penciling in a plan when you make a car, truck or SUV donation in Toluca Lake. Your bottom line gets the benefit, and with Best Car Donation Company, that tax break is maximized because of our unique vehicle donation program.

According to the “Donor’s Guide to Car Donations” published by the IRS, the most you can deduct on your income tax is the price someone would pay to buy it, or “the fair market value.” That explains why there’s an added benefit when our technicians do their magic on car donations in Toluca Lake.

money clock houseDo you plan to do a dealer trade-in? You may not be aware of how much you lose that way. You only get about 30-40% of your vehicle’s value at the dealer or through CarMax. With a car donation in Toluca Lake, your tax write-off is based on 100% of its selling price. When we handle your charity car donation in Toluca Lake, all three parties receive paperwork outlining the transaction.

We send the IRS Form 1098-C to you, to the IRS, and also to the charity receiving the donation money. We also email you a confirmation letter explaining the process, and you receive a temporary donation receipt. 

A report by the United States General Accounting Office to the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Finance said that deductions for donated vehicles were claimed on approximately 733,000 tax returns, which lowered the individuals’ tax liability by about $654 million.

Can I donate a golf cart in Toluca Lake? A boat or motorcycle?

Yes, yes, and yes!

We pick up almost any kind of donating vehicle you no longer need, from “toys” like quads and other ATVs to water vehicles such as jet skis and sea-doos. You can donate a boat in Toluca Lake, or if you’re the type who prefers a day in the dirt, how about your bike? Is it time for a new Harley or Suzuki? If so, consider a motorcycle donation in Toluca Lake.

There are so many possibilities – are you unnecessarily paying for a storage unit? Maybe an RV donation in Toluca Lake would enable you to clean up your property or open up space in the garage (to make room for more toys). Almost any recreational vehicle can become a means of comfort or healing to one of the many worthy causes in Toluca Lake, Burbank, North Hollywood, Glendale, or anywhere you choose.medical stethascope pen chart

You live in a community blessed with advantages. But not everyone in the area is a movie star or successful in business. Consider the support you can offer a child suffering from a disease like cancer, or an organization offering a hand up to families who are struggling financially.

Donating cars to charity is a means to that end. So when it comes to the car you’re ready to pass on to someone else, there’s more than just a tax break hanging in the balance. A vehicle donation in Toluca Lake through Best Car Donation Company can also give you that personal satisfaction that comes from sharing what you have with someone in need.

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