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Donate a Car in North Hollywood, California

What are you driving these days? Are you increasingly unhappy with the performance of your car?

If you feel like it’s time for a car with the latest GPS, no loose knobs and nicer seats, it may be time for a trip to AutoTrader or your local dealer to do some shopping.

4 Reasons to donate your car in North Hollywood

California couple in convertible

  1. Get the full value for your vehicle. When you do a trade-in with a dealer, you only get 30-40% of the value of your car. If you’ve ever done the math you’ve seen how dealers just raise the price of your new car to make up the difference.
  2. Benefit your favorite charity. When you make a car, truck or SUV donation in North Hollywood through Best Car Donation Company you get to choose any 501(c)(3) you want to benefit. Are you active in the Boys & Girls Club or the Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Hollywood? Or a cancer research organization? Car donations in North Hollywood equals money to deserving non-profits—and you don’t have to write a check!
  3. Get a tax write-off. Has your CPA been pressuring you to improve your bottom line? Something simple like the car you no longer need can make the improvements you need to your taxes.
  4. Give your car a second life. There is someone out there who is looking for a used car to get to work. Your auto donation is providing a means for them to get an affordable set of wheels!

3 Steps to donate a car to charity in North HollywoodGive

  1. Call or donate online. It takes 3-5 minutes: Either call us at 888-250-4490 or donate online at Best Car Donation Company. Our towing experts come to wherever you need us—at home or work, or even the auto repair shop. It typically takes 24-48 hours to arrange it, but rush service is also available. We then bring your vehicle to our technicians, where it’s assessed, to see if there are any necessary changes that would maximize your charity car donation in North Hollywood. That’s the big advantage to auto donations through us at Best Car Donation Company.Our Cars tend to sell at a 25-50% higher price than those without the improvements.
  2. Kick back while we sell your car. Think of the effort you save! You don’t have to take pictures of your car and post it on various platforms, then wait for flaky Craigslist buyers. Let us do ALL the work!
  3. Log in your tax write-off. After we sell your vehicle donation in North Hollywood we give you a receipt with a confirmation letter outlining the steps. We send both you and the charity IRS Form 1098-C, which reflects the actual sale price. We even take care of the title transfer of your car.

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5 Types you can choose from to donate a vehicle in North Hollywood

  1. Cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. Whether you’re giving up the minivan, moving up from a sports car or you’ve got a truck donation in North Hollywood, we can handle it for you. Do you want something more environmentally responsible? If you’re downsizing, we can turn your vehicle into money for charity, plus you get the tax break.
  2. Recreational vehicles. Were you a camping family when the kids were small? And did your idea of camping involve a huge Gulf Stream or Winnebago? You can make a recreational vehicle donation in North Hollywood of just about any kind.motorhome a
  3. Watercraft. Do you have great memories of water skiing or sailing up at the lake, but you just don’t get out there anymore? Donate a boat in North Hollywood through us and we pick it up from you just like we do with cars.
  4. Golf Cart. Whether you’re a duffer or live in a community where everybody gets around in carts, sometimes they break down, or you decide you want something more upscale, like a newer E-Z-GO. You can make a golf cart donation in North Hollywood if that’s the case.
  5. Motorcycle. If two wheels are better than four in your book, you’ve probably seen some beautiful country. Plus, it’s a lot faster to get around Southern California freeways on a bike than to sit in traffic. Make a motorcycle donation in North Hollywood if you’re making changes. 
  6. Donating. Sounds like a good idea? It is. When you donate a car in North Hollywood through us at Best Car Donation Company, you’re benefiting both yourself and others. So, not only can you send your vehicle on its way without any effort, you’re being philanthropic, plus improving your tax outlook. We’re a family-run company and we’ve been doing this for three decades, so just let us know and we’ll walk you through it. We’re ready when you are!
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