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Make A Golf Cart Donation In California

You were so excited when you finally got your perfect little golf cart in California! You took it all round the course, waved to friends at the ninth hole, and even took it to your neighbors house and the mail box! But what are you supposed to do with your golf cart when you've grown out of it? Or what are you going to do when a dead battery in your golf cart is hoggin up space in your garage?

Donate it! When you make a golf cart donation in California, not only are you getting a tax write off, but the proceeds are going to a charity that you love! When you get the chance to support a cause, such as Childhood Luekemia or Parkison's Disease take it! You can send the proceeds of your golf cart donation to any charity you like! We have so many causes to choose from.golf cart 756048 640

How Does The Golf Cart Tax Deduction Work?

When you donate a golf cart in California, we do all the work for your golf cart tax deduction. When you call us, we create your golf car donation account, and schedule a pick up. Then once it sells we send you the receipt! It's that easy.

We even do our best to add value to your used golf cart donation. We will give it a shine, and post it on one of our numerous auctions, and sometimes we are even able to get 25%-50% more than other donation companies! We also do all DMV paperwork

Make sure you are filing correctly. We can help ypu with common questions, but just incase, make sure you visit the IRS website. https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/charitable-organizations/irs-guidance-explains-rules-for-vehicle-donations

What If My Golf Cart Has Dead Battery?

Many times you ask yourself, what am I supposed to do if my golf cart has a dead battery? Wondering stops here! You've found the place where to dispose of golf cart. 

When you are looking to get rid of an old golf cart, the best thing you can do is donate it. Sometimes dead batteries are even better! We can even replace dead batteries in your old golf cart, and sell th old ones to recycling companies. We can even pick up your that old golf cart in 24-48hours.  golf cart 1669772 640

Where to Dispose of An Old Golf Cart?

If you do some research you find that there are'nt many options to dispose of an old golf cart. That's why donating your golf cart in california has become the best way to get rid of a golf cart. Of course you can always take it to a dump, but that doesn't give you anything out of it.

Most people don't know that used golf carts are actually worth quite a bit of money! There are many faith-based charities that are always looking to buy old golf carts! And golf cart donations are incredibly helpful at senior living facilities!

When you've had enough of your old golf cart taking up space, call Best Car Donation Company and we ill pick up your golf cart donation for free. 


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