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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Car Donation Program

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Car donation to AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Getting comfort and healing to those who need it most – that’s what matters. And filling the financial gaps to get cutting edge medicine to patients – that’s what AIDS Healthcare Foundation does. 

You’d love to help in any way you can, but just don’t know how to make it happen? Your car donation to AHF is a way to contribute with the vehicle you no longer need.

Why should I donate my car to AIDS Healthcare Foundation?

You want to bring comfort to someone with a difficult diagnosis, but you don’t have extra time or money to do so. The one thing you do have is a car that’s aging out. You’ve been thinking it needs to be replaced – even wondering if it would be better for your pocketbook to get a newer car, because yours is constantly getting repaired.

pexels photo 266011There are many things in life you can’t count on. Sometimes it’s our health, or at times it’s our kids or aging parents. What you can’t have is an undependable car. Do you have young children in car seats? Or do you commute from the suburbs? L.A. freeways are not a place you want to break down!

Individuals in downtown L.A. don’t always get the care they deserve. But a charity car donation to AIDS Healthcare Foundation through Best Car Donations Company can get them that advocacy.

If you’re a carpool mom with lots of stops you know you put a lot of wear and tear on the car. But another thing you know is what love and care looks like. If you’re putting beaucoup miles on your vehicle, keep in mind, when you donate a car to charity it grants love and care to patients who need it most.

Were you planning to downsize? Maybe thinking about going to Downtown L.A. Motors for something nice, but smaller? If your kids are grown, it’s probably perfect timing – you can move that Escalade down the road through an SUV donation to AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

But if using CarMax to sell your car or doing a dealer trade-in was part of your call to action, talk to us first. They keep, roughly, 60-70% of the value of your vehicle. And what USC researchers found was that they often jack up the price of the new car you’re buying!

But, by contrast, a vehicle donation to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation through Best Car Donations Company enables you to write off 100% of your car’s value.

How can I donate a vehicle to AIDS Healthcare Foundation?

It’s very, very simple. With a short phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or an online donation, our experts come to you to pick up your donation car. Let us know a location and a time that’s convenient for you.

Through Best Car Donations Company, your auto donation is picked up for free and your work is done. We prepare your pexels photo 921778vehicle for sale and find a buyer, while you can focus on what’s important to you – your work, family, volunteerism or anything else. You’re not likely to miss the rigor of posting your car on numerous online platforms to get it sold.

We’ve been handling auto donations for decades, and our vehicle donation program to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation won’t burden you in any way.

Meanwhile, your car or truck donation to AIDS Healthcare Foundation is sending precious funding to improve the lives of patients. As good as it feels to offer life-giving resources, you have the benefit of a tax break as well.

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Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I donate my vehicle to AIDS Healthcare Foundation?

Do you and your CPA have the conversation every year about write-offs? The one where you find out you need more of them, but it’s already April 10, so it’s really anxiety-producing. It’s such a boon to your bottom line to let the vehicle you no longer need be the tax break you need.

pexels photo 356054And when you make a car, truck or SUV donation to AIDS Healthcare Foundation through Best Car Donations Company, you get the advantage of our modus operandi: We do more than just pick up your car and sell it.

After our friendly professionals come and tow away your vehicle, they bring it to our expert technicians to assess it for necessary alterations. We’ve found that our cars garner a 25-50% higher sale price than cars without the changes. Your generous car charity donation to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is going to give you the opportunity to boost your bottom line and raise your comfort of a person who is ill.

After we sell your car for the highest price possible, we send you the paperwork for your record-keeping. Do you do your own taxes? The Turbo Tax site has a page explaining how to input your car donation.

If you hate paperwork you’re in luck. We do that for you too! No standing in line at the DMV, because at Best Car Donations Company we handle the title transfer.

We have a transparent process, sending you and the foundation the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total. 

Do you need more reasons for donating a vehicle to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation? You can visit a CPA firm’s website to see the opinions of industry professionals. Can I donate a boat to AIDS Healthcare Foundation? What about an RV or a motorcycle?

Do you spend summers at Canyon Lake? Do you love fishing or water skiing? It’s great fun, but we all reach a period when we tire of it. Is it in a slip at the Marina? If you don’t get out much anymore, consider a boat donation to AIDS Healthcare Foundation through Best Car Donations Company.

If you live in a community like Laguna Woods Village or Beverly Crest you may own a golf cart. Do you take friends around the neighborhood for potluck parties, or to swing a 9-iron around the links? When it’s time to upgrade, downgrade, or give up your Club Car altogether, donate a golf cart to AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Recognize any of these rides? The snake to the rock store; Angeles Crest Highway; Mulholland Drive; Malibu Canyon and Mount Baldy. There are so many options for motorcycle enthusiasts these days, and so many meetups and clubs. Donate a motorcycle to AIDS Healthcare Foundation when it’s time to replace your hog.

You’re sensitive to the needs of others and generous with what you’ve been given. That’s why you see the great benefit when you donate a car to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation through Best Car Donations Company. Patients get one step closer to the comfort and care they deserve, and you can be a part of it. It’s both an easy tax write-off for you and a gesture of emotional and physical support.

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