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All American Boys Chorus Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to All-American Boys Chorus

Music is a universal language. The uniqueness of each person’s voice is a thing to behold and every individual has a visceral reaction to its sound that’s all their own. 

pexels photo 316163Have you ever seen someone become transformed through the power of vocal music? The All-American Boys Chorus is all about changing lives. The beautiful sound of a young voice can inspire others, but even more importantly, the discipline, training, and travel involved bring these boys into manhood with advantages and rewards few other boys have.

When you donate a car to the All-American Boys Chorus you enable more young singers to bring their talent to audiences while reaping the benefits of friendship and the maturity created by time spent perfecting their skills.

Why donate your car to All-American Boys Chorus?

Boys in the United States have a lot of opportunities for growth, and most spend their childhood playing sports. But for a boy with the rare talent of an exceptional singing voice, there are fewer opportunities to maximize their potential.

A vehicle donation to the All-American Boys Chorus nurtures the gift that only boys possess – that remarkable tone of voice that occurs for a short window of time. When you donate a car to charity you say, “I support you and your efforts to become all you can be.”

Your generous gift supports music literacy classes, voice lessons and rehearsals at the Santa Ana-based non-profit program. At the same time, the boys are gaining social skills, developing friendships and learning to work together as a team.

Do you love the sound of a young boys’ chorus in all its beauty, but are facing some not-too-pretty sounds coming from your car? Ending up off to the shoulder on an L.A. freeway can be frightening. But a car, truck or SUV donation to the All-American Boys Chorus through Best Car Donations Company can funnel support to the organization.

Why donate my car vs. sell it?

You may be making some shifts in your life, such as downsizing in every way. If you recently retired, you may not want the big house on the hill, and you certainly don’t need the Escalade or any other car with a V-8 engine.

Are you starting a family? Then you want to go the other direction – an SUV or 4-door sedan instead of the Audi pexels photo 682082convertible you’ve been driving. You need a vehicle that suits your lifestyle, which means you have a car you no longer need.

You already know why a dealer trade-in and CarMax aren’t the smartest financial moves to make. In terms of value, a charity car donation to the All-American Boys Chorus is a winner. It enables you to write off 100% of the sale price of your old car!

Have you ever sold a car yourself? It’s a lot of work! It’s hardly worth it, between cleaning it thoroughly, photographing it in the best possible light, posting it, and hoping a buyer will show up. It is so much work for you, while for us at Best Car Donations Company, it’s something we do all day long!

If you’re replacing your car because you have a demanding job, then you’ve got no time to waste. Time is money, after all.

Vehicle donations to the All-American Boys Chorus through Best Car Donations Company will take on the time-consuming aspects of the sales process, and at no charge to you. And in a bigger boon – you get to reap the tax write-off! Our process includes checking over your donation car for possible improvements. We typically raise the selling price by 25-50% that way.

Your tax write-off is higher and, of course, it’s more money for the Boys Chorus.

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What happens when I donate my car to the All-American Boys Chorus?

The vehicle donation program for the AABC is streamlined. With a simple call to Best Car Donations Company at 888-250-4490, or when you donate online, you schedule a pickup of your auto donation. That’s when our towing expert interfaces with you and takes the car to our technicians. They do the assessment and we get it ready to sell.

You can do anything else on your list: go to a concert of the AABC, take a class at Irvine School of Music, or shop for a new set of wheels. We literally handle everything for you. It couldn’t be easier!

When you get out to shop for a new vehicle, don’t bring a trade-in when you meet with the dealer, by the way. A study at USC’s business school showed that car shoppers who brought a trade-in car were charged a higher price for the car they were buying. Researchers concluded that dealers assume the buyer doesn’t have a tight budget, because they’re willing to lose the 60-70% of their car’s value by trading it in. 

We find a buyer for your vehicle and handle all the paperwork, down to the title transfer. You will get everything required by the IRS, including IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

We give you the records for your CPA or you can just check the Turbo Tax website to see how they guide you through the process. 

Can I donate a boat or make a golf cart donation to the All-American Boys Chorus?

Whatever your recreation of choice is, there’s likely to be a vehicle associated with it. We pick up everything from quads to Sea-Doos, which you can use to benefit boys whose singing voices are ready for training. If you have a boat just sitting in a slip somewhere, donate a boat to the All-American Boys Chorus!

pexels photo 50911Do you live in a 55-up retirement community? If so, you and your neighbors probably get around on an electric vehicle. Did you know you can donate a golf cart to the All-American Boys Chorus and it’s just like a car donation?

Do you need space on your property, or want to clean out the garage? A motorcycle donation to the All-American Boys Chorus is a way to free up some real estate at homeThere are many boys who would benefit from a community of others like them, and a car donation to the 

All-American Boys Chorus through Best Car Donations Company is a way to make a connection: you with a car, and a talented young vocalist with an amazing opportunity. You can support them in making the most of their lives and talents.

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