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Alzheimer's Los Angeles Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Alzheimer's LA

The growing problem of Alzheimer’s and other dementias means the need for support is growing too. Roughly 10 percent of Americans living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia live in California, and so do their caregivers. It is often these heroes who are in great need of support, but sometimes overlooked. Thankfully, there are organizations addressing their concerns, as well as those of the patients themselves. donate vehicle alzheimers greater los angeles tax deduction

If you’ve wanted to join the forces committed to their care, you can offer support with a car donation to Alzheimer's LA.

Why donate my car to Alzheimer's Los Angeles?

The journey for those inflicted with the disease, and for their loved ones, is sometimes tough to navigate. Alzheimer's LA experts are professionals with information and resources that arm them for the often painful experience ahead. The organization’s Care Experts are looked to for providing invaluable services and programs that benefit loved ones, caregivers, and persons living with the disease.

Imagine the car you no longer need supporting that mission!

Are you considering downsizing? Or maybe you’d like to shrink your carbon footprint with an electric car or a hybrid. Whatever phase of life you’re in, whether you have a growing family, so you need an SUV, or you’re retiring, so a Prius is the direction you’re going, you can do some good.

A charity car donation to Alzheimer's LA through Best Car Donation Company is a really easy way to help finance their multi-cultural programs, such as Memories in the Making and Memory Mornings Social Support Group. Individuals in the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s disease get the support they need in a safe environment while stimulating cognitive function and much-needed recreation. 
The growing expense of programs like these for more than 200,000 residents of Southern California impacted by Alzheimer’s disease is almost incalculable. To contribute to their work is entirely possible by donating a car to Alzheimer's Los Angeles. Alz1

Why keep pouring money into your 10-15-year-old car? Instead, you can drive something more reliable, while gaining a tax write-off – PLUS make an impact in the life of someone whose memory is fading and their loved ones are suffering with them.

It’s nice to know when you make a car, truck or SUV donation to Alzheimer's Los Angeles you’re meeting the needs of others. You’re so generous!

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Donating a car to Alzheimer's Los Angeles is easy!


Let us know a convenient time and location. Your car can be at your house, at the office, at the repair shop – anywhere we can get to. We pick up and tow your car and assess your car or truck donation to Alzheimer's LA to determine if upgrades or repairs are appropriate for your vehicle. This way it will maximize your donation to Alzheimer's Los Angeles and you get a sizable tax break at the same time. We’ve found that by making these kinds of improvements we typically raise your car’s value by 25-50%!

We find a buyer for your car next, and that means you don’t have to post pictures or handle buyers! It’s really no effort on your part!

We follow all of the IRS regulations in the process. After the sale, we report the final price to you and the charity. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Visit our website Best Car Donation Company with any questions you still have about our car donation process.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation to Alzheimer's LA?

Yes! A recreational vehicle donation to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles is terrific. And a motorcycle donation to Alzheimer's LA means the bike that brought you on many happy journeys helps ease a painful journey for others.

Do you have any tractors, trailers, fifth wheels or campers? We pick those up too!


What about watercraft like Sea Doos or jet skis? Would you like to donate a boat to Alzheimer's LA?

Are you a duffer? Or do you live in a community where you go get your mail in a Club Car? You can make a golf cart donation to Alzheimer's Los Angeles if yours isn’t working or if you’re getting a new one.

Do you have a storage unit you’re tired of paying for? It’s a good time to clean it out. Whether you’ve had a personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease or not, it’s easy to see the benefit you can bring to the lives of others with vehicles you aren’t using.


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