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Car donation to Camp del Corazon

pexels photo 1250452For children with heart disease, life is not the same as it is for their friends. They can’t run and play or participate in a lot of the same activities as other boys and girls their age. But for kids who cope with the unfairness of a chronic illness, there’s a place where they can experience nature, climb rock walls – even try a ropes course.

Camp del Corazon is a free opportunity for kids with congenital heart disease to have a camping experience they can’t find elsewhere. When you donate a car to Camp del Corazon, you send more pediatric patients to free summer camps on Catalina Island through the amazing program.

Why should I donate my car to Camp del Corazon?

Have you wanted to focus on making your life meaningful, offering what you can to those in need? It’s nice to have an opportunity to feel the satisfaction of helping others without dipping into your bank account!

A vehicle donation to Camp del Corazon through Best Car Donations Company sends resources to enable kids with cardiac disease to attend the 5-day camp for free. Did you know that children with congenital heart disease are the most underserved pediatric population in the country? And the cost to send a child to camp is approximately $1,200. Camp del Corazon provides more than 300 kids each year the chance to spend the week on Catalina Island, plus dozens of volunteers – when you do the math, you see the needs are great.

If your vehicle is giving you trouble, or there are features you want to have, like a collision avoidance system or high-resolution touch screen, you can also benefit these kids by donating a car to Camp del Corazon. Do you find yourself perusing AutoTrader in your spare time? If you’re a classic car collector or just drive from point A to point B in commuter traffic, there comes a time when you have to replace your machine.

The car site Edmunds.com has an article suggesting that, despite the fact it’s often a good financial decision to hang onto pexels photo 1239460the car you have, there are circumstances where the opposite is true. When you spend as much at the mechanic as you would on a car payment, you may as well be sitting at the wheel of something shiny and new!

Do you want to live “greener”? There are so many Electric Car Charging Stations now that it’s finally reasonable to consider a Chevy Volt or a hybrid (which almost every manufacturer has these days). Whatever the reason, you need a new car, so you’re stuck with the job of finding a new home for the vehicle you no longer need. With a car or truck donation to Camp del Corazon, it’s a win for you and for the kids!

Do I get a car donation tax deduction when I make a charity car donation to Camp del Corazon?

You’ve always been responsible, and you want to know your tax situation has the best possible outcome. Bravo!

We’ve got good news for you ... when you donate a car to charity through Best Car Donations Company, you maximize the benefits! Our special process includes an assessment of your vehicle, and necessary alterations, which typically raises the sale price of a car by 25-50%. And you know that your write-off is based on the final sale price, which means – you get a higher deduction and Camp del Corazon gets more money.

Your CPA will applaud your decision. Of course, even if you do your own taxes online, it’ll make you smile to input those figures on Turbo Tax

Have you seen the report by the United States General Accounting Office about car donations? Calculated \for the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Finance, estimates show that tax deductions for donated vehicles were claimed on about 733,000 tax returns, which lowered taxpayers’ income tax liability by approximately $654 million. 

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How do you donate your car to Camp del Corazon?

Have you decided it’s a good time to make some changes and support these kids suffering from congenital heart problems at the same time? All you do is make a simple phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or donate on our website

You’re almost done! Next we send one of our towing professionals to pick up your donation car at a time that’s convenient for you. We can come to your work, or if your vehicle is at the mechanic – we can pick it up there too!

We take care of everything, handling all the details. After you hang up the phone you can get back to work, schlep the kids to their sports programs, or better yet, start shopping for a new car!

Also, your car charity donation to Camp del Corazon through Best Car Donations Company is completely transparent. We’re a family-owned business working in the industry for decades and we follow all IRS regulations to a T. Within 30 days of the sale of your donation vehicle, we send you and the camp Form 1098-C.

Can I donate a golf cart to Camp del Corazon? A boat or motorcycle?girl rabbit friendship love 160933

Yes, you can donate an RV to Camp del Corazon of just about any kind. The times you had in your Winnebago, Pace Arrow or Vanagon add up to fun things to do with kids. We can help you with whatever is taking up room on your property or thinning your wallet at a storage unit.

And speaking of wasted money, do you have slip fees in the Southbay that you’d like to get out of? A boat donation to Camp del Corazon through Best Car Donations Company means the boat gets picked up and you save some money. We also pick up Sea-Doos, jet skis and other vehicles, such as quads.

Are you in a motorcycle meetup? And are your friends rolling up on brand new bikes? If you feel like it's time for something with shiny chrome and new tires, don't forget the positive impact you can make with a motorcycle donation to Camp del Corazon through Best Car Donations Company!

Are you in an over-55 community? If you are, you or your friends probably get around in a Club Car or E-Z-Go. Are you thinking of upgrading, or looking at a larger model? If so, make a golf cart donation to Camp del Corazon. It’s just another way to do something nice for yourself while gifting kids with heart disease.

More than just a heart murmur in children, the kinds of illnesses these kids are living with are acute conditions, creating serious physical challenges. If the prospect of getting involved sounds exciting to you, we're happy to help. For over three decades Best Car Donations Company has been handling donations around the country to many different charities. A Camp del Corazon car donation is something that makes you a part of the bigger picture, giving children with illness a chance to be kids for 5 fun days. Let us know when you’d like to do that!

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