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 Car donation to Surfrider Foundation

pexels photo 312105Do you worry that your children and grandchildren won’t be able to play on the beach and swim in clean ocean water? Have you witnessed the pollution in the earth’s waterways and seen the reports about the slipping quality of our water?

It may sound far-fetched, but you have the power to protect our beaches and clean up our oceans with one simple act. A car donation to Surfrider Foundation gives the necessary support to this passionate non-profit group so they can make changes for the better.

Why donate your car to Surfrider Foundation?

The state of our water sources is a growing concern all over the world. But thankfully, Surfrider Foundation has more than 90 campaigns at a time, working to bring awareness to the issues facing our oceans. The organization operates a network of chapters that fight legal battles, champion policy changes and provide support on many levels, such as accounting, technology and human resources to further the cause.

Did you know that both you and the kids can get involved in the fight to save our oceans? The Surfrider Foundation launched its Youth Network in 2008, bringing water awareness to campuses and communities through teens. The program ranges from organizing school clubs to scheduling beach clean-ups.

One of their greatest challenges is raising money to keep going, but car donations to Surfrider Foundation fuel such programs as the Blue Water Task Force, which is a water quality monitoring program.

Can you believe that your old car—whether it’s an ’82 Vanagon or a 2012 MDX—can help keep their efforts moving forward?! It’s true—a car, truck or SUV donation to Surfrider Foundation through Best Car Donation Company brings greatly needed support to clean up oceans and spread the word to others. Have you wanted to be a force for good without taking out your checkbook? Here’s your chance!

Why donate my car vs. sell it?

Have you been dreaming about pulling up to the dealer and exchanging your vehicle for a nice set of wheels, one with the “new pexels photo 853168 1car smell” of leather seats and a brand new interior? Keep in mind you’re only getting 30-40% of the value of your trade-in!

But donating a car to Surfrider Foundation through Best Car Donation Company gives you the opportunity to write off 100% of the sale price of your car! And if you were entertaining the idea of selling it yourself, just think about the tremendous amount of effort—taking pictures, posting it on multiple platforms. Don’t put yourself through that!

Donating a car to charity is a great tax write-off, but you’re the kind of person who realizes it’s so much more than that! The simple act of buying a new car can, literally, improve the environment. A charity car donation to Surfrider Foundation makes you a partner with the 50+ staff members who work tirelessly to protect and preserve the ocean.

Are you reducing your carbon footprint by kicking your midsize Mercedes to the curb and hooking up an EV Charger for your new Nissan Leaf? Take advantage of the growing numbers of charging stations! And pat yourself on the back for also directing proceeds from your vehicle donation to Surfrider Foundation!

Imagine the impact—you reduce fossil fuel emissions AND donate to a highly respected non-profit environmental group.

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What happens when I donate my car to Surfrider Foundation?

To boil it down...we do everything for you!

pexels photo 189349Seriously, just call us at 888-250-4490 or visit our website, BestCarDonations.com, to donate a vehicle to Surfrider Foundation. At no charge, we come out and tow away your donation vehicle, wherever it is. Do you need 24-hour service? We’re usually available to meet that deadline.

What happens next is what gives your favorite charity the biggest benefit. Our experts do an inspection of your auto donation to determine whether your car needs improvements or upgrades. Research shows that making those changes for our clients usually adds 25-50% to their resale values! That provides a bigger tax break for you and more money for Surfrider Foundation!

Because we handle everything—the sale of your car, plus all the paperwork—you have plenty of time to shop for a new car or volunteer at the Foundation. Your tax write-off paperwork is also handled by us. We send both you and Surfrider the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Can I donate a boat or RV? Or can I make a motorcycle donation to Surfrider Foundation?

Do you have a recreational vehicle donation for Surfrider Foundation? Just give us the word and we pick it up. Are you just done with glamping? When you’re ready to let someone else enjoy your Gulfstream, you can donate an RV to Surfrider Foundation through us at Best Car Donation Company. Now is a great time to clean out that storage unit!

Has it been ages since you’ve been out on the water, so you’re thinking about a boat donation to Surfrider Foundation? Let us know! Or do you enjoy puttering around the course, or your retirement community, in a Club Car that needs replacing? Consider a golf cart donation to Surfrider Foundation!

If all your friends are hitting the highway on their new Yamahas and Suzukis, you may be considering an upgrade for your bike. A motorcycle donation to the Surfrider Foundation enables your hobby to play a part in healing the ocean.

It’s great to find out that your car can be a vehicle for change, to preserve the beautiful beaches we have today and protect sea life for the future. When you donate a car to Surfrider Foundation, they can move forward with programs such as One Foot at a Time, which involves collecting plastic from the beach and creating reusable bags out of T-shirts. Just call us at Best Car Donation Company—we’ll pick up your car and make you a part of cleaning up the world’s oceans—one beach at a time.

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