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Wounded Warrior Project Car Donation Program

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When you donate your car, you believe in heroes

Wounded Warriors4 out of 5 veterans have a friend seriously wounded or killed in action. Your car donation to Wounded Warrior Project honors and empowers those who protect our freedom and safety. Donating a vehicle is one way to thank them for their sacrifice. When you donate a car to Wounded Warrior Project, you directly support courageous men and women in uniform. WWP provides help and comfort to service members who’ve incurred a physical or mental injury from their military service since September 11, 2001. In prior wars 2 soldiers were wounded in proportion to every soldier who died. Times have changed. Happily, today we have more survivors, but an increase in wounded soldiers: 7 wounded vs. 1 killed in combat. Now, more than ever, wounded service members need our help.

How to donate a car to Wounded Warrior Project?

It’s so easy: just call 888-250-4490, or click the “Donate Here” button. We at Cars2Charities come to you, on behalf of Wounded Warriors – whenever it’s convenient, wherever you choose, usually in 24-48 hours. There’s never a cost to you, even if your vehicle doesn’t run, you can’t find the title, or the registration expired -- even if your name changed, or there are other complications. We also work with many trustees and executors who donate a vehicle in honor of a loved one who served.

You get to totally skip the process of trying to sell the car on your own. No craigslist ads, eBay, local paper or phone calls at all times of day and night, back and forth with prospects who may never show up, or who want a steal-of-a-deal, or who may change their minds after all your effort. We do it all. Because selling is hard. Donating is easy, and a great way to support US troops. Plus, we handle all DMV-related paperwork, saving you the often-painful effort.determination 899011 640

We accept vehicle donations in all 50 states, and work hard to maximize the value of every vehicle. As our next level of innovation, in CA, NV and AZ we’ve rolled out a unique method that creates even more value from your donated vehicle – so you not only get to help: you also get a car donation tax deduction that’s typically 25-50% more than the “as is” value of your donation. Check out some . 

Wounded Warrior Project sometimes referred car donors to the Purple Heart Foundation, but now welcomes direct donations through Cars2Charities because of the value we create. Cars for veterans make a difference. Car donation supports troops – especially disabled vets and paralyzed veterans.

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Can I make an RV donation to Wounded Warriors? Motorcycle donation? Golf cart donation?

airstream 1359135 640Absolutely, we accept all types of vehicles. and SUV donation is popular, and so is donation. So whether you have a fifth wheel, a Class A, Class B, Class C, pull behind, pop up trailer, tent trailer or a , we can find or create value. You can also donate a to Wounded Warriors. Do you have a hog, a chopper, a street bike, a Goldwing cruiser or a crotch rocket? All makes and models are welcome. The most common bikes are Harley Davidson, Yamaha motorcycle, Suzuki motorcycle or scooter, Ducati, Honda moped, Kawasaki motorcycle, and Indian. Many families donate a to Wounded Warrior Project -- often when all 6 batteries died, or there are electrical problems. In CA, AZ or NV we replace such batteries and make other improvements that maximize the value of your gift.

What happens when I donate my car to Wounded Warrior Project?

You support unique, direct programs to meet the needs of injured service members. WWP also helps family members who suddenly find they’re serving as full-time caregivers. When you donate an RV or any other recreational vehicle such as a jet ski, ATV, golf cart or motorcycle to Wounded Warrior Project, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of your vehicle benefit these committed, loyal servicemen and their families. (WWP reimburses Cars2Charities for the cost of towing, improvements and handling of each vehicle donation to Wounded Warrior Project.) We even accept commercial vehicles like a van or bus for Wounded Warrior Project, and construction and manufacturing equipment like forklifts, and more. The goal is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of vets in U.S. history. soldier 870399 640

We market your vehicle to its best advantage, particularly in CA, NV and AZ where we have a network of retail buyers who can appreciate the remaining life in your donated vehicle, and the quality and service we add. IRS regulations enable you to deduct the actual full sale priceof car donations to Wounded Warrior Project, so we work hard on your behalf and for the benefit of servicemen to get the best results. Within 30 days of sale, you and Wounded Warrior Project both receive carbon copies of the same IRS Form 1098-C, so there’s full transparency about the actual sale price of the vehicle.

What programs does a charity car donation to Wounded Warrior Project support?

There are 50,000 physically wounded warriors who’ve served in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn, and another 400,000 who live with wounds that are aren’t seen with the naked eye. They include combat-related stress, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Treatment is needed for a wide variety of injuries, and the Department of Veterans Affairsshowcases examples of the challenges faced by returning service men and women. 

Life-changing programs help self-sacrificing warriors begin to thrive again. Wounded Warrior Project began with the real-life events of service members whose spirits were lifted as a founding warrior compassionately remembered his own experience – and thought how much one’s spirits could be lifted with a few immediate comfort-items while recovering at the trauma center. When a warrior first arrives, he or she has nothing but the clothes on their back. The hospital provides a fresh gown, but the trauma center is sparse. To help make the stay a little more comfortable, Wounded Warrior Project began to provide a care back-pack to each wounded soldier -- filled with essential care and comfort items such as clothing, toiletries, cards, and more. It seems so simple, so basic. But as one wounded warrior put it, "At that moment, there probably wasn't a more significant gift I've ever received [than that back-pack]. And with the gift came a promise…that if there was anything I ever needed, they were there for me. It was just really nice to know there was somebody in your corner."

boat 606187 640(Operation Gratitude, another wonderful source of encouragement for troops, delivers care packages lovingly sent by friends and family of servicemen to those who are still in the field. It’s another way to support those on active duty, with the hope they never become a wounded warrior. Call if you’d also like to make a car donation to Operation Gratitude, or give any other vehicles for Operation Gratitude.)

Meanwhile, when warriors returned with wounds, vets and friends were so moved that they decided to band together to help others with similar needs. What began at first as a program to provide comfort backpacks has grown into a complete rehabilitative effort to assist warriors as they transition back to civilian life.

Soldiers returning from war have a wide range of needs. They need employment, and many have a disadvantage in the job market. Wounded Warrior Project offers economic empowerment by connecting labor to management. By 2017, an estimated 10,000 warriors and caregivers will be employed through the Warriors to Work®program. 

Those returning from service also face transitional challenges. Restore Warriors® and Project Odyssey® are two programs for healing the minds of service men and women who’ve come from the battlefield. Staff members use outdoor rehab retreats, peer support and other interactive programs to facilitate readjustment. Check out other programsif there’s one you especially want to support.

The Alumni program at Wounded Warrior Projectis another way to provide long-term support. WWP Alumni go to scheduled functions, including college and professional sporting events, dinners, and many other activities. “There are no dues here—those were paid by wearing the uniform and on the battlefield.”

Wounded Warrior Project currently offers 19 different programs and services to wounded veterans and their families. The programs and services are separated into four separate categories: "Body," "Mind," "Economic Empowerment," and "Engagement." Vehicle donations to Wounded Warrior Project help pay for programs like these. WWP also provides nearly $5 million in grants to others like American Red Cross (which you can also support with a charity car donation to Red Cross).

The greatest casualty is being forgotten®. Let’s work together to give veterans the best chance at recovery. Donating a car to Wounded Warrior Project helps promote a holistic approach to serving our nation’s recently-serving soldiers and their families. Comfort starts here.

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